Welcome to Bee Media & Management

Bee Media is a unique organisation, set up to provide access for aspiring young talent to the burgeoning career opportunities of media and modern enterprise management. The key to Bee Media's formula is the relationship with leading industry figures in the UK, one of the global centres of digital media and modern management practices. The External Advisory Board will allow Bee Media students to learn from practitioners, not academics. Individuals with both training expertise and exceptional career track records. with both training expertise. and exceptional career track records.

All of the courses offered by Bee Media are at the core of the digital revolution, where practice rather than theory determines success. Short courses of six or twelve week duration will perfectly complement broader academic studies, to ensure Bee Media graduates offer employers the ideal combination of usable skills.

Even experienced industry personnel have been able to benefit from previous training from our key teaching principals, with consistent endorsement of the teaching methods used. Close liaison between Bee Media management and industry will ensure that all teaching is tailor made to the needs of the student community from India.

Bee Media students will be exposed to working environments relevant
to their chosen course, with visits to TV and film production sets,
print, broadcast and online news rooms and businesses of all types
and sizes.

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Workshops and Trainings

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Business Enterprise and Management

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Newspaper and Magazine Journalism

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Film Production

Anyone interested in establishing a career as a film producer, director, or in any aspect of film production...

Broadcast Journalism (TV, Radio, Online)

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Communication & Marketing in the Digital World

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